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Why Should My Company Have a Virtual Tour?

No matter what industry you're in, a Virtual Tour will help attract customers.

Now more than ever, consumers are turning to the web to make their purchasing decisions. Incorporating a virtual tour of your venue into your website can attract them to it.

Have you ever heard a customer say, "Wow, this place looks a lot better in person than it did online."? If so, it's probably because your website's photographs are not doing the venue justice.

Now imagine if potential customers from all over the world could actually see your amazing venue like it was meant to be seen. Instead of having to settle for a restricted view of the place, they could see everything, as if they were actually there! That's what a Virtual Tour from True View Images does.

Your company can benefit

What types of businesses will benefit from a Virtual Tour? Any business that wants to showcase their venue to the world and improve their chances of attracting customers. Just a few examples:

  • Realtors targeting the 85% of home buyers who start their search online.
  • Hotels attracting vacationers with tours of their rooms, spa, gym and lobby.
  • Universities recruiting students by showing off their campus and facility.
  • Nursing homes and hospitals displaying their long-term care facilities.
  • Restaurants attracting patrons with views of their dining room and bar area.
  • Convention Centers going after businesses looking to host a conference.

The proof is in the pictures: Virtual Tours vs. Photographs

Still in doubt about the power of a virtual tour? Let's take the following example of a nice room in a classic nineteenth-century New Orleans home. These four photos show what the room looks like using traditional photography:

With the pictures, you have an idea what the room looks like, but it's difficult to imagine how it feels to stand there and look around. We have no concept of the size of the room, we don't know what the floor and ceiling look like, and the images are pretty drab. Now, how does this same room look when seen with a Virtual Tour?


And the winner is...The Virtual Tour

By showing a true view of the room and enabling the viewer to see how it actually looks, the virtual tour makes the venue much more inviting than the photographs.

Make your venue more inviting with a virtual tour today.

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